Real time interactionsFor viewers to support the streamers they love the most

Works with any streaming platform and any streaming software with an effortless integration.

How It Works

Streamers prepare the show

Streamers just need to integrate Streamloots as a browser source and create thematic card collections to share with viewers.

Viewers discover a new way for supporting their favorite streamers

Viewers support streamers by purchasing their packs and getting their cards.

Both enjoy card redemptions during streams

Alerts will be shown on every purchase or card redemption

Every card can represent an action from the streamer or just a voice for the viewers.

Why streamlooters love streamloots?

Because it's not just technology, it's a complete set of resources for creating better, funniest and profitable Broadcasting experiences

Streamloots Original Collections provides the perfect balance between Streamer and Viewer around a game or theme

PayPal claims are over. Streamloots protects the entire experience and do the job in disputes

Frequently get new ideas, experiences, challenges and collections to keep alive the passion


the alerting system that connects viewers and streamers inside a thematic and interactive experience