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Make your streaming marathons or subathons more interactive than ever! Let your viewers add/subtract time to create an epic journey

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Works with Twitch Subs and Bits

Our Marathon timer allows you to integrate with Twitch. Subs and Bits will be added automatically to the timer.

It works like clockwork

Robust timer to accommodate all crazy things that can happen throughout a marathon without the timer malfunctioning.

Stream Deck integration

Add extra time to the timer with 1 single button.

Viewers play with the timer

They can purchase special packs with random cards to add or subtract more time to the timer.


When the timer starts, you'll have a section to control it. Add extra time, pause, resume, or stop the timer. You can even cap the maximum amount of time per marathon.

No installation required

Add a Browser source in your streaming software, and you are all set!

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