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Interact with your viewers. Increase the revenue of your channel.

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What’s Streamloots All About?

Create cards that can be purchased by your viewers, behind every card there is a reward that viewers can collect, redeem or even trade.

Choose any type of benefits you intend to offer and customize your deck, like alerts in your stream, discord invitation, playing with you, merchandising and any idea you can think of.

Take a look at this collection and you will get the full picture.

Streamloots page

The Chests

Cards are stored in chests and each chest contains 3 random cards.

These cards can either be Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary. The higher the rank you attain, the lower the chances of finding the card, but the greater the benefit!

Redeemed Cards

Once a viewer buys a chest and opens it, they will be able to view the cards in their collections waiting to be redeemed.

When the card is redeemed, an alert appears on the streamer screen.

User redeeming a card
Streamloots cards

Benefits to Add

You can create and add any benefit you can imagine. For instance, you can add any of these:

  • Alerts that pop up on screen
  • Select a new character that the streamer can play with
  • Ban another user for 10 minutes
  • You can also make the streamer sing, dye his hair, do some abs, or even dress up as a pigeon


You can always take a look at the collections of different streamers, such as ConstantlyCalibrating, Mery_Soldier or Anatlus89!


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