Let your community support you

Subscriptions are a consistent way for your community to support you, without costly commissions

Subscribers receive exclusive emotes and reactions

Upload your own emotes and set the animation
Your subscribers can play reactions every month. You choose the types and amount of reactions they can play

Create a Sub goal and let your viewers do the rest

Configure the goal and you are ready to go

Do more with Subs on Streamloots

80% revenue goes to you

No costly commissions eating into your hard-earned revenue.

Subs Goals

Create a Sub Goal and encourage your viewers to participate.

Upload your own emotes

You can upload your own emotes and make the Streamloots Subs even better.

Text to Speech

Now you can hear when a viewer has subscribed to you.

Choose your emote animation

Up to 4 styles to choose for: Astronaut, Emoticorn, Balloons and rain.

Live emote ranking

You will see how your viewers play and compete against each other.