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Available chests
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Ana's Booty Shop (1 Chest = 3 Cards) (0/90 Achieved)

Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Curse
Alestorm - Magnetic North
Arrgh, Pirate Booty
Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?
Game On!
Anchors Away Shanty Clip
Alestorm - DRINK
Rum's Good
Alestorm - Shipwrecked
Life is Cruel!
A Gold Star For You!
So Proud!
Fix It!
I like candy!
99 Red Balloons
Hey, Phrasing!
Glory To The Hypnocow
Flying Kitty!
You Spin Me Right Round
Free Steam Key For You
But First, Let me Take a Selfie!
Just Whispers
It's My Duty...
Bob Ross!!
Unban A Pirate!
Emote Only Chat
Neon Pegasus <3
Space Unicorn <3
Pirate Shanty - Health To The Company
A Mermaid Song
Tacos Everyday?
Many Doubloons
Ana Shuts Up!
Make Me Talk Again!
Ana Stands Up
Ana Sits Down
Ana Works Out
Ana Does Abs!
Ana Jumps Around!
The coin
Mad Libs Story Time
Pick a Video
Pick a Video
Heart Headband
Red Heart Headband
Red Heart Headband
Pink Bunny Headband
Kawaii Kitty Ears Headband
Leopard Ears Headband
Tropical Headband
Strawberry Bow Headband
Strawberry Bow Headband
In-N-Out Pirate Bandana
Huge Blue Glasses
Huge Pink Glasses
Geico Pixel Glasses
Instagram Story
Everything is Broken
A Wild Card
Sub Love
Unicorn Perler
Kawaii Ice Cream Perler
A Popsicle Perler
A Pineapple Perler
A Turtle Perler
A Palm Tree Perler
Basic Coffee Perler Magent
Pokeball Perler
Yoshi Perler Magnet
Mario & Luigi Perlers
Birthday Cake Perler Magnet
Lightsaber Keychain
Pick a Game!
A Cozy Onesie!
A Personalized Character
You Talk For Me
Movie Night Pass
A Broken Tee
It's Fine Tee
It's Fine Tee
A Hypnocow Tee
A Broken Mug
A Stickerbook